Eric the Actor is Better Than Soaps?

Howard read an email from a producer at 'The Bold & The Beautiful,' who had a big offer for Eric the Actor: "We are happy to write any sort of character for him." Eric called in to say he was unsure if he'd take the part: "I have no idea. Right now soaps are kind of going downhill. I'm not saying I won't do it, it's just..." Howard was surprised Eric was so busy: "Is it true you turned down the lead in 'Argo'?" Howard next brainstormed possible roles for Eric, starting with "a villain with a woman locked in his basement," which Eric rejected "because I've already been accused of that in real life." In a bizarre turn, Eric rejected "an AIDS patient" (for the same reason). Other roles Eric refused: firewood ("You're a log on the fireplace, a talking log"), a drug kingpin, a pill-pusher, a neo-nazi, a talking baby, and a millionaire bent on inventing a new sport ("Like, you ride Great Danes. And you want the sport to take off").