The Stern Spouse Nickname Game

Early in the show, Howard announced the Stern Staff Nickname Game, a series of multiple-choice questions regarding the nicknames staffers and their significant others use for one another. Gary came in with a stack of cards, reading the nickname(s) and the staffers they might belong to: First up was Pookie--the nickname of either Fred, Jon Hein, or Jason. Robin zeroed in on Jason, but Howard went a different direction: "That's so vile. Pookie. … I say Jon Hein." After learning he was right, Howard encouraged Jon's wife to switch it up: "She should call him Porky. What does he weigh now?" Next was Squirrel and Mr. Watermelon--nicknames belonging to either Sal, Fred, or Benjy and their spouses. Howard knew it was Benjy: "Because he wants to be like Andy Kaufman and wants to be weird. … They probably spent so much time on that."