At Home in Lorne's House

Photo: Izumi Hasegawa / PR Photos

Asked about the current culture at SNL, Fred said Lorne Michaels was as hands-on as he ever was: "It's very much his house. … He's in it to every detail. To the--and I don't exaggerate when I say this--the paint on the walls. The music, what you're wearing, the costumes, the wigs. He is so so part of every detail, even down to specific words." Fred fits right in--so much so he's also been to Lorne's actual house: "For the day. We just walked around."

Fred said he'd been drumming in a punk band called Trenchmouth before auditioning for the show "because we got nowhere and worked really hard, little by little, I made my way into comedy." He auditioned with impressions of Sam Waterston from 'Law & Order' and Vin Diesel. Fred indulged Howard with each, including his favorite impression: Prince.