Stern Show Staffers Enter the Gay Dating Site Test

Howard announced a staff-wide Gay Dating Site Test, explaining that Sal had posted the staff's photos on an Australian gay dating site. Sal then came in with the results--which staffers were cruised with views, emails or otherwise (the site allows users to "nudge", "wink" or "blow a kiss" at men they find attractive). Richard, Ronnie, JD and Jon Hein all registered zero views, winks or emails. Fred got 1 view, zero winks and 1 email. (The email read, in full: "Hey.") Benjy: 1 view, 1 email ("Hi.") and someone blew him a kiss. Sal registered 1 view and 1 email that read: "Hi. Cheers, my mate." Gary was more popular, getting 2 views, a wink and 1 email: "Hi, how are you?" Steve Brandano fared slightly better, earning 2 views and no winks but 1 very interesting email--the only one from a minor. "Hey I'm actually 16. I like older guys and I think you are really cute ;) I'm looking for a fun and serious relationship." Jon Leiberman was the most popular, registering 4 views, one wink and 1 email: "Hey I am in Sydney. Hello." Howard, like most of the staff, got zero views, zero winks, and zero emails. (Sal promised to leave the profiles up for another six months and compile an update this summer.)