JB's Pitches for Tom Brady, Snoop Dogg, & More

Photo: Landmark / PR Photos

To Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, JB pitched The First Football Player to Slap Another Man's Ass: "The first one to ever do it. No one understood it. This was the 50s. These guys didn't even have plastic helmets yet." The bit never made it to air, like 'The Pimptice,' an ill-fated parody of 'The Apprentice' meant for Snoop Dogg: "Snoop Dogg sends you out on the street... to sell ass and make money [in] like prostitution challenges."

Another, meant for Steve Carell, involved a pair of helicopter pilots who marry and retire, "but they still lived their life as if they're in the helicopter. They run around the house bent over all the time, they're shouting at each other. And [the setting] is Thanksgiving at the Helicopter Family house."