RIP 'The Urine Detective'

Howard said his favorite was titled 'The Urine Detective,' which JB explained was meant to be a 'CSI'-like bit in which the lead investigator had just one forensic skill: he solves crimes by drinking urine. JB said he actually came up with it in the middle of a pitch meeting with that week's host, 'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville: "When I saw Johnny Knoxville's face, I said, 'This guy drinks urine.' He looks like a urine-drinker."

The bit was written and even made rehearsal but was cut from the live broadcast, a real disappointment for JB: "There's so much truth to it. … There's so much stuff that comes out in your urine, you don't know." JB wished for the skill himself: "When you meet women, you could get a sample of their pee, taste their pee, and see what the hell you're getting into." Howard said he loved the premise so much that he was willing to bring Johnny Knoxville in so that JD could turn it into a short film to be run on HowardTV. An offer JB readily accepted.