King Of All Gossip - Mike Walker

Old friend of the show and true blast from the past (that is a fart joke) Mike Walker called in on a terrible phone to promote his new novel, the beach read of the winter: Out For Blood – Private Diary of a Gossip Vampire.

Mike is the gossip columnist at National Enquirer and has been a long time Stern Show staple. He had a regular segment called "The Gossip Game" where he'd give Howard and the audience four too-crazy-to-be-true gossip tidbits and we had to figure out the ONE fake story.

Fred in particular prided himself at his skill at this game. Artie prided himself for not giving two shits about the game.

Well gossip doesn't stop just because the game did. Here's some of what Mike revealed* on today's show:

mike walker's gossip

- Mike alleges that OJ Simpson is Khloe Kardashian's biological father and that Bruce Jenner will use this information to discredit Kris Jenner in their upcoming divorce. This confused Howard, since Bruce is not Khloe's biological father no matter what.

- Mike alleges that Miley Cyrus is working on a Super Bowl commercial that would make her the highest paid celebrity in commercial history – for the same pistachio company that used Psy during last year's Super Bowl. She'll reportedly get $15 million for the thirty second spot.

- Mike alleges that Jessica Simpson has banned her father, Joe Simpson, from her upcoming wedding out of fear that he'll perform a "gay stunt," acting flamboyant and embarrass Jessica's mother.

- Mike alleges that Lily Tomlin and her gay brother will have a double gay wedding on their mother's 100 birthday.

Howard wanted to know if Mike was jealous of Harvey Levin and TMZ, because Mike used to have the National Enquirer TV Show. Mike said he wanted to do a show very much like what TMZ is now, but the network turned it into a much more formal show and it didn't last.

*Of course, everything printed here are allegations made by Mike Walker or his sources and have nothing to do with Howard, Robin, Fred, Gary or SiriusXM.