Making Doody Like a Caveman


Howard played another stellar clip of one of Howard 100 News reporter Shuli Egar's regular phone calls to Underdog Lady. Underdog announced that she was finally able to gain some control over her explosive diarrhea – which has plagued her since she received an infected cat bite over three years ago.

This reminded Howard of his new Squatty Potty, which he installed (with the help of his assistant) and used with much excitement.

He climbed up onto it – terrified that he was going to fall off the toilet right onto his balls – and produced one of the biggest sh*ts of his entire life. For the first time ever, Howard felt like he'd achieved "full elimination." Fearing this was a fluke, he was elated when, upon second use, he totally emptied out again.

Robin announced that she has many Squatty Pottys (which she built and installed herself) and that her eliminations are also very, very full.

Howard asked if she'd mind calling him the next time she was on her can, so they can both squat together and "sh*t like early man." Hopefully, she will.