The Talk with Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen


Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen, stars of the CBS daytime show the Talk stopped by this morning and they spilled the beans on TV, sex, surgeries, and even pants-shitting.

Sharon claimed that the recent quote where she talked about her painful vaginal-tightening surgery was a joke. She's never had the operation, she just wanted a smart comeback for the plastic surgery questions that talk show host Graham Norton threw at her. Or so she claimed.

Julie recently revealed that she had plastic surgery of her own – to widen her eyes, making her look more American. Julie said an agent told her when she was a newswoman in Dayton, Ohio that getting the procedure would immediately shoot her up into one of the major news markets.

She did it, and it worked.

Julie claimed that no news directors or executives were ever inappropriate with her, except for her now husband, CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves, who kissed her one night at the coat check.

Sharon, Julie and Sara Gilbert on the show in 2011


At a CBS corporate holiday party this week, Julie and Les hobnobbed with the affiliates while Sharon walked her fellow Talk co-host Sara Gilbert around the party and announced that she was a 'pussy-licker.' In fact, whenever Gilbert (who is gay) is late for a meeting, Sharon will say she was too busy 'licking.'

Howard loves Sharon's ribald sense of humor and misses when they worked together on America's Got Talent – Sharon would lean over during an act and say 'What an asshole' or 'I can tell that guy's a pedophile.'


While the View used to beat the Talk by about 1.6 million viewers, the gap is now only about 35,000. Julie hopes they'll surpass them like Oprah surpassed Donahue.

Howard had to know what the ladies thought about Jenny McCarthy as the new View co-host. Was it a mistake?

"Yes," Julie said, "because what made the View so popular and good was that it was five different women – from five different walks of life - discussing politics." With Jenny, "they were trying to lighten the mood - more gossip, more fun and laughs. The View doesn't know what it is now."

According to Julie Chen, ABC made a mistake adding Jenny McCarthy to The View

Julie has nothing against Jenny, though. She even feels Jenny would be far more suited for the Talk, where they don't discuss politics at all.

Howard said that was a very honest statement and will probably make headlines. Julie's response: "I'm not telling ABC anything they're not wondering themselves."


Howard asked about the porn-watching habits of Ozzy and Les. Julie swears that Les isn't into porn (Howard doesn't buy it) and Sharon admitted to searching Ozzy's computer history. What did she find?


Before they wrapped up, Howard wanted to hear about Sharon supposedly vomiting on her co-host Sheryl Underwood the first time they met. Not only was the story true, there was more!

Sharon had come down with the flu and, after puking on Sheryl, she dashed to her car and drove home. Unfortunately, she didn't make it.

Sharon Osbourne, star of America's Got Talent, the Talk, The Osbournes, and X Factor – shit her pants. "There was so much shit" in her jeans, "it was at my back." She called her housekeeper to help clean it up. What about the car?

"I sold it."