David Spade Rules

David Spade stopped by to promote the 7th season of Rules of Engagement, a profitable enterprise for the actor--back before the 3rd season, he refused a raise: "I said I don't want a raise, I want a little bite. … And then 3 years later, I go, 'I want a raise too.'" It was a lesson David learned after making Tommy Boy with Chris Farley: it made $35 million theatrically, but over $100 million in DVD sales and rentals: "It had an afterlife." David said he missed his partnership with Chris: "We were fighting before he died but, you know, I think people made [too] much of us 'fighting.' Anytime you're married to someone like that, you fight." A lot of the 'Tommy Boy' bits came from their real life--"Housekeeping," for instance: "He'd [finally] open the door and go, 'Oh, it's you.' And I'd go, 'You know I do this every morning, Chris?'"