How Spade Gets Laid

Pressed about his infamous success as a cocksman, David said he never chased women: "Once they get that whiff that you're crazy about them, they move on in their heads, like, 'Got this one. Next...' If you play it a little more straight and take your time to see if there's anything real there? Of course they're sexy, of course it's fun f***ing. That's the easy part. But the other 23 hours and 59 minutes..." David hasn't always been so successful though. Early in his career, he tried to get with Ellen Degeneres: "I went over to her condo. She was like, 'Come over and watch TV.' Which I thought was my cue... [but] I didn't make any moves. I was scared." David told all his friends he was thinking of asking her out: "It took a while before I got the news. Meanwhile she's setting off gaydars in Japan."