The Staff Revelation Game

As a consolation, Gary came in to play a round of The Staff Revelation Game, explaining he'd solicited 10 staffers for shocking personal revelations--Howard will have to match the revelation to the culprit: "I'll give you a revelation, and I'll give you three choices." 1. "When I was in high school, I saw a group of retarded kids being taken backstage at a concert. I hopped into line and pretended to be retarded to get past the security guards. They marched the group into an elevator and took them up to an exit, but I stayed behind in the elevator. When they got off, I went back to the backstage area." The culprit was either Richard, Steve Brandano, or Jon Hein. Howard guessed it was Richard--and was crestfallen to learn it was Steve Brandano: "That's a good revelation, but nobody cares about Steve Brandano." 2. "I was the President of my fraternity, so I was the only one with a key to the coatroom of the [frat] house. We were all out one night, and I met a chick. On my way home, I called my girlfriend and asked her to meet me at the house--a dumb move, because I was with this other chick. When I got to the house, she was there. I told her to grab my coat and then I locked her in the coatroom while I banged the other chick." Howard's choices were either Jon Leiberman, Doug Goodstein, or Will Murray. Howard guessed Will--the only one of the three he could see getting laid in college--but Gary said it was in fact the dark horse: Jon Leiberman.