Extreme Superfan Trivia, Round 2

At the end of the first round, Mark led with 30 points, Carrie had 25, and RJ 20. The 2nd round of questions were worth 10 points: When did Howard & Beth get married? RJ: [drawing of a penis] Carrie: October 8, 2009. Mark: October 8, 2010. [The correct answer: October 3rd 2008] What is Miss Howard Stern's real name? RJ answered Andrea--but couldn't remember, unlike Mark and Carrie, her full name: Andrea Ownbey. What frequent guest's mom taught a young Beetlejuice? Again, RJ blew the question with a partial answer (just "O'Connell"), and both Mark and Carrie answered in full: Jerry O'Connell. On what TV show did Eric the Actor say, "Keys, woman"? All: 'In Plain Sight.' Name 2 of Robin's 3 cats. Mark knew just one: Jennifer Aniston. RJ named both Brangelina and Leroy. Carrie knew all three: Brangelina, Jennifer Aniston, and Leroy Brown. What is the name of Howard's hairdresser? RJ incorrectly inserted an L: Toni Colburn. Both Mark and Carrie spelled correctly: Toni Coburn.