Fratto Falls Asleep

Johnny Fratto was on the other line when Eric the Midget called in with his big news. The only problem with that was Johnny fell asleep. As the father of two young kids, it's no wonder why he's exhausted, of course, but Howard still left Johnny's thunderous snoring up throughout the first hour of the show. Then, he decided to take REAL advantage of Johnny, and brought him down to the Homosexual Room.


"Let's see if I can get Johnny pregnant," Howard said. With Johnny's pants down and Howard balls deep inside of him, it was clear things had gotten out of hand. "This could be considered rape."

But Howard then did the right thing, zipping Johnny's pants back up and, when Johnny finally came to, Howard confessed to what he'd done. Johnny said he didn't even realize. With Howard's penis, it's no wonder.