James Franco Talks the Stress That Comes From Hosting the Oscars

Howard wanted to get to the bottom of what happened during the controversial 2011 Academy Awards which James Franco cohosted with Anne Hathaway. James offered a simple explanation: "Anne is big and her bits called for her to be big. I've learned from doing buddy comedy movies, though, that you need a straight man to go along with the wild person."

James decided early on that he would be the straight man to Anne's wild woman, but it was that very tactic that got James in hot water when people accused him of abandoning Anne on stage. The night was so stressful for Franco that after he left L.A. to get back to for a class at Yale University (still in his tuxedo), he developed a hemorrhoid. He spent the next week holed up in a New Haven hotel, nursing both his ego and his inflamed nether regions.