The End of the Road?

All Howard wanted was his day in court, but he lost the appeal of his lawsuit against SirusXM, meaning he can't even have his case tried. Howard feels that it all came down to the fact that the judge just couldn't comprehend how much money Howard made; the attitude was "Stern makes enough."

But of course, Howard promises to be a man about it by fulfilling his contract and then going off to start a new company where he's a partner. Onwards and upwards.

Meanhile, a week of talking to endless media outlets about America's Got Talent has Howard feeling sick, particularly about his his looks. He feels like he's two different people, actually: From the right, he's a relatively handsome man but, from the left: "I'm a hideous monster."

Always loving and supportive, Robin assured Howard he was no monster, based on the fact "there are people out there who [actually] make children cry."

Robin is always there.