F**k Marilyn Manson

Longtime friend of the show and American Nightmare singer Rob Zombie came on the show today to promote his new album "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor," and talked to us about a past feud he had with Marilyn Manson.

Rob had been co-headlining a tour with the shock rocker where, according to Rob, Marilyn showed up late for one of his performances, which wouldn't have mattered that much to Rob under normal circumstances. But this particular venue had a curfew, which meant the whole show needed to get offstage on time. Consequently, Rob had Manson end his set before it was done, so Rob could get his entire set in.

The next night, Rob watched from a TV in his dressing room as Marilyn ranted and raved about kicking someone's ass... and then realized the Goth rocker was talking about him. He then quickly bolted into Manson's dressing room after his set to "punch him in the face," but Marilyn had a "whatever" attitude about it, so Rob pulled his punches.

Instead, he went out onstage and sang "F**k Marilyn Manson."

Howard offered to let them work it out in the ring on his show, but Zombie politely declined. Rob would still tour with him again. Stuff happens on the road and all.

(Marilyn Manson Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com)