The Beetlejuice Game

Richard and Sal came up with a new Beetlejuice game: Show Beetle a picture, and then guess whether or not Beetle can correctly ID it.

Here's some of his responses:

Prince: "That's Prince. The f***ing motherf***er."

The Beatles: "What are they f***ing hillbillies or some shit? I don't wanna know nothing about that shit."

The Pope: "He's just a rabbit, that's all."

Obama: "I don't give a f*** who he is. I don't give a shit."

George Bush: "Kennedy. I know the f*** it is. I know who I know already. He f***ing burned his house and killed himself."

Michael Jordan: "That's Michael Jordan. You can't tell me who I don't know."

Michael Keaton as 'Beetlejuice: '"That's Beetlejuice, boy."