Beetlejuice: Don't Forget the Lyrics

Howard played a brand new game with a listener names Ryan this morning. Try your hand at our special edition of Don't Forget the Lyrics" featuring everyone's favorite Wack Packer: Beetlejuice!

Richard basically sang a line or two of a classic nursery rhyme or popular childhood song and left out one key word. The question is, could Beet fill in the blank?

See if you can guess what the hell is in Beet's mind:

1) Baa Baa Black ________ Have you any wool

2) How much is that doggy in the _______

3) I'm a little _______, short and stout

4) For he's a jolly good _______

5) If you're happy and you know it _________

6) I've been working on the ________ all the livelong day

7) Old MacDonald Had a ________

8) Ring around the _______


1) No, this sent Beet on a rant about how if you're black, that's your problem.

2) Yes. Somewhere in Beet's unknowable mind, he knew that the missing word was "window."

3) No, this one was lost on Beet.

4) No. Beet was sure that it was "monkey."

5) Yes! Beet advised "clap your own f*cking hands."

6) Yes, he got "railroad."

7) No. Unfortunately, Beet is too busy to remember that Old MacDonald had a farm.

8) No, being the gangsta he is, Beet said "neck."