Gary to Benjy: Get Off the Air Now!

Gary to Benjy: 'Get Off the Air Now!'

The past few weeks have found wack packers and celebrities, fans and superfans, even cats and dogs all calling and begging for tickets to the Birthday Bash. (And we don't blame them, it's going to be awesome!!)

In fact the demand for tickets to Howard's incredible Birthday Bash is so great that Stern Show staffers who are actually working hard every day producing it don't get to bring their wives or significant others.

Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk, however, thinks that he and his companion are so special that he should be allowed to bring her – even though the longest-tenured staffer Fred Norris is not bringing his beautiful wife, Allison.

Benjy has repeatedly tried to bring this up and beg for (and demand) a ticket for his girlfriend. Gary explained that there isn't any room and then told Benjy to stop bringing it up. Benjy refused to take no for an answer.

Finally, Benjy did what you're never supposed to do. Not only did he go over his boss Gary Dell'Abate's head and appeal directly to Howard, but he did it on the air this morning, trying to paint him into a corner and get Howard to agree.

Howard insisted that he didn't want to talk to Benjy about it, but Benjy kept trying.

Finally, at the end of the show, Howard briefly let Benjy speak. Benjy started explaining that she should be allowed to come because she's important to the show and she's been his girlfriend for a year.

Gary had had it. He dashed into the studio and didn't even wait for Howard to pod the mic up to forcefully tell Benjy to shut the f*ck up and get the f*ck out of the studio. (though it sounded more like SHUT THE F*CK UP AND GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE STUDIO!)

He defied Gary's and Howard's wishes (as he's done many, many times) and Gary snapped (which he rarely does). Howard announced that Benjy was making him uncomfortable and ended the fight.

With Benjy unlikely to start taking "no" for an answer now, stay tuned for more of...whatever this is.