The Birthday Bash: Who Is In and Who Is Out?


Bobo put in a call to Ronnie the Limo Driver this morning, incensed at what he has been asked to do. Bobo, who calls himself an "extreme fan," assumed that he'd be a shoe-in at the Birthday Bash at end of this month, but we had other ideas.

We want to pit Bobo against three other Wack Packers – Fred the Elephant Boy, Pittsburgh Pete, and Ham Hands Bill – and let the honorable judge JD Harmeyer decide who really deserves to attend the party.

Bobo couldn't believe it, claiming that this news gave him such anxiety that he actually wound up in the hospital. Ronnie scoffed: "Oh, stop it with your bullshit."

Howard tried to reason with him, pointing out that the crowd would be much more interested in Wendy the Retard or Beetlejuice than Bobo – who is pretty average by comparison.

We'll see what the great judge decides, but Bobo wasn't the only one who felt entitled to a seat at the show. Wacky caller and conspiracy theorist Hanzi also demanded to be included in the festivities.

Howard said Hanzi could come – provided the thirty-something get a notarized permission slip from his parents. Hanzi is more than a little unstable, and Howard didn't feel like taking any chances. Hanzi stammered and hollered, but Howard was firm.