Steve WIlkos: From Marine to Cop to Television Star

Though he didn't want to emulate Oprah, Jerry did have a successful spin-off just like she had with Dr. Phil – The Steve Wilkos Show.

Steve Wilkos is a marine who became a cop who then did security for Jerry's show. He was first called in for one of the Jerry Springer Show's infamous KKK episodes.

He quickly became a fan favorite – the audience would yell his name during a fight just like they'd yell 'Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!' He still maintained his job as a police officer for a long time, always rushing from taping the show to avoid being late for roll call at the station.

During one taping – Steve saw a beautiful woman on the stage of the Jerry Springer Show and said to himself, 'if that's not a man, I'm gonna marry her'. The show was famous for 'I was born a man'-type revelations, so you can hardly blame him for being cautious. Thankfully, she (a born female) was the Springer Show's producer, Rachelle, who now produces Steve's show as well.

They did get married, and seem to have a pretty healthy relationship – they made love as recently as yesterday morning.

Steve's popularity grew and grew and eventually he was given his own talk show, which is less of a circus than Jerry's. Steve actually gives people advice.

Both Jerry and Steve are still working – contracted up until at least 2018 – and both doing well. It was a pleasure to have them.

Two world-famous security guards, Ronnie Mund and Steve Wilkos

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