Eric the Blogger

We put our first ever Wack Pack blog up on the website this morning, and Howard wanted to congratulate and thank Eric the Actor for writing such a passionate piece about acceptance. The problem was, it's so dense and long that Howard couldn't get through it.

Still, he appreciated the contribution. Curiously, Eric used much of the post to promote equality and acceptance, specifically towards gay people, and yet he remains unwilling to play a gay character onscreen.

The piece also reveals that Eric is very, very religious. He quotes Bible verses, blasts Scientology as a cult and warns that people who hold 'hate in their hearts and are not following God's word are all going to end up meeting Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and other awful people in the history of the world' in hell.

The blog was inspired by a Twitter argument between Eric and Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk over whether private businesses would have the legal right to discriminate. Eric feels they should not, Benjy feels that – although the behavior is reprehensible – legally, they should.

Eric also used his phone call to promote his appearance on FXX's 'Legit' which is nine weeks away, so be sure to remember to watch him.

Now that you know Eric is all political, don't miss his appearance on today at 4:45p EST on H101