JD's Got a Hot Date to the Biggest Event of the Year


While it was a night to honor Howard, a woman named Megan was the real belle of the ball. A few weeks back, she won the chance to be media producer JD Harmeyer's date to the big Birthday Bash.

All eyes were on the hot couple as he tweeted and she hung out with the friend who accompanied her to New York.

JD was busy all night running the @sternshow Twitter account during the Bash, taking photos and updating fans everywhere on what was happening. He reunited with his love for the after party, where they danced and had a good time, even if JD had to pull Megan away from a touchy-feely Ralph Cirella.

Then, in the car, a kiss, some light leg touching, and that's where it ended.

Cinderella went back to his apartment and Megan went back to Ohio. Then, over the weekend, JD got a text message from Megan claiming that her newfound worldwide fame was too much for her.

Howard thought it sounded like Megan was blowing JD off, and Ronnie, JD's love coach, agreed. Ronnie was fuming mad saying she was using JD and that he'll never hear from her again. She was fine with attention when came up to the show to be in the contest, and after the Birthday Bash, suddenly it was all too much.

Ronnie was also still upset that Megan brought a friend. Ronnie reported that the friend was a big-mouth who pushed JD out of the way to get in the red carpet pictures.

Howard didn't completely agree with Ronnie that JD was used, but the bottom line was 'it doesn't sound like you're going to Bora Bora with her.'