Coco Brown: Out of This World

March 4, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Former porn star Coco Brown stopped by this morning and talked about her plans to be the first porn star in space.

This is something that is really happening.

She recently got divorced from a man who used to pay thousands of dollars to hang out with her in her stripper days, but never wanted any sex from her.

He gave her a hefty sum of money, so she decided to take $100,000 of it and use it to go to space. Why not?

Coco has a son, and being the son of a porn star must be weird – especially if you live in Germany like Coco and her son do. In German, they show porn on TV late at night, and Coco is sure that her son has stumbled upon some of her work.

Watch Coco having fun with zero gravity

Coco’s story really got interesting when Howard asked about her days as a dominatrix. She casually described being outfitted with a horse insemination glove and told that a ‘difficult’ client was coming in.

Coco stuck her fist, then wrist, then forearm, then elbow, then arm so far inside this guy that she had to be pushed from behind by her boss. She described the experience, saying it kept feeling like she’d come to the end, then one more shove would open up a whole new part of the guy. The guy didn’t say a word.

She ended by saying ‘I could feel his heartbeat on my hand

Another jaunty bachelor had her feed him a shit ice cream cone.

Then, another man-about-town stuck forty metal marble-sized balls in his penis. You could see the shape of them in his shaft before he’d shoot them out.

It takes all kinds.

Check out Coco’s website and follow her journey to become the first porn star in outer space.