Peeing and Eating With Richard and Ralph

The two men have very similar cinema-going habits.

May 19, 2014

Richard Christy, perhaps the gayest guy of them all, went out to see the movie ‘Godzilla‘ in IMAX 3D with JD Harmeyer.

Since he’s a fall-down alcoholic, he snuck two bottles of wine into the theater with him and consumed them throughout the film. When the movie ended, Richard had to pee so badly, and line was so long, that he whipped it out and peed right in the bathroom sink.

He apologized to everyone watching him, as his balls rested on the countertop and his waste streamed into the sink. He promised to clean it up as best he could, which he did with water from the faucet.

Richard wasn’t even the worst of the grown men at the screening; one guy straight-up pissed his pants while waiting in line for the bathroom.

This may be weird, but at least he’s peeing in to a toilet

Howard’s stylist Ralph Cirella called up to report that at a recent screening of ‘Captain America 2‘, Stern Show producer Jason Kaplan knocked over a bunch of empty beer bottles as he made his way back from the bathroom.

Howard cut right through that story and got to Ralph’s own ridiculous behavior. Ralph has made it a habit of taking a nap throughout lunch time – on airplanes, at Howard’s house, wherever – and, upon waking, demanding he be served his lunch.

Gary proved that Ralph has a weird thing about eating when he’s told. Once, Artie Lange took a bunch of guys to lunch at the expensive steakhouse Del Frisco’s. He invited Ralph, but Ralph showed up so late that he just ordered something to go.

Ralph protested that he’s just doing his thing, but Howard cautioned that it was clearly OCD behavior.

Yes, you Ralph