Seth Rogen on Neighbors, Justin Bieber, and More Sex with Food


Hollywood's comedic golden child Seth Rogen recently met both teen heartthrob Zac Efron and teen heartthrob Justin Bieber and he liked one of them a lot and f*cking hated the other one.

He worked with Zac in the movie Neighbors and found him self-deprecating, self-aware, handsome and the owner of a penis with a 'girthy root'! Seth saw it during a scene where they were crossing streams in a bathroom. Seth admitted 'I would've f*cked him.'

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, was a 'piece of shit,' and Seth tweeted as much after the 'singer' got a DUI earlier this year. Seth appeared on a German talk show and got word that Justin wanted to meet him. He walked over to him and the tiny star treated Seth as if it were a big deal for him to meet a star of Justin's caliber. Seth's second run-in with Bieber was at an awards show where Justin was wearing a live snake around his wrist. 'He was wearing a snake as an accoutrement!'

"He had a girthy root" god @Sethrogen is the greatest @sternshow guest ever

— Chad Weller (@bidgipper2315) May 5, 2014


Seth's new movie 'Neighbors' centers around a couple, Seth and Rose Byrne, who find themselves living next to frat house, and it drives them crazy. Seth and his long-time writing partner Evan Goldberg produced and helped write the film and he's happy with the finished product.

In fact, the movie is so good that a scene – which sounded to Howard like one the funniest scenes ever – actually wound up on the cutting room floor. The scene showed the fraternity accidentally burning down their frat house when they arranged a Civil War reenactment where they shot bottle rocket out of their asses as the opposing team.

@Sethrogen is my top 5 best interviews by @HowardStern @sternshow Friggin awesome interview as always, Howard! #TheKing

— Kirby Hand (@khand187) May 5, 2014

Seth has nightmare neighbors of his own. The guy next door to him has been doing constant construction on his house for almost two years – starting every morning at 7:30 AM. Seth marveled that the house looks absolutely no different after all the work, and he calls up and reamS the guy out so often that he's actually started having Seth's calls forwarded to an answering service.

Seth wasn't always the easiest neighbor either, and he detailed how he'd stuff a neighbor's mail slot full of McDonald's hamburgers when he was a kid – which is a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

"Sausage Party" may be the 1st animated movie I'm looking forward to seeing since I was a kid. @Sethrogen on @sternshow

— DPens40 (@DZPens40) May 5, 2014


Seth is in the middle of making a Pixar-like animated movie called 'Sausage Party' about the food in a grocery store. The movie is so out there and so dirty that Sacha Baron Cohen himself described an early cut as 'the craziest thing I've ever seen.' There's a graphic food-on-food sex scene that even Seth describes as the dirtiest thing he's ever done or seen on onscreen.

Seth acknowledges that his PG-13 movies 'The Green Hornet' and 'Guilt Trip' were not incredibly successful - artistically - and is happy to be back making R-rated comedies. He used his down-time during 'Guilt Trip' to sit in his trailer and write 'This is The End', so the experience was not a total loss.

Seth recently spoke meaningfully (but still hilariously) in front of the Senate in support of Alzheimer's Research. His mother-in-law suffers from the disease, and it's close to Seth's heart. IT became the second-most watched video in the history of C-SPAN.

Check out Seth's latest movie, 'Neighbors' out on Friday.