The Howard Stern Show Takes Over Comic-Con

Steve Brandano, Jason Kaplan, Richard Christy, and other staffers make the sacred geek pilgrimage to San Diego

July 28, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Almost the entire Howard Stern Show crew went out to Comic Con over the weekend to mix it up with stars and fans alike. Although the top three cast members – Howard, Robin, and Fred – were not there, somehow the fans were still excited to meet the likes of Steve Brandano and Jason Kaplan.

One girl even cried when she met Jason and Steve – imagine if Fred had been there, she would’ve gone into cardiac arrest.

The crew participated in panels and Wrap Up Shows and a special Geektime and even an autograph signing. That’s right! An autograph signing!

Gary and Jon Hein and Richard and Sal and JD were all armed with headshots and they signed away for all their super fans.

Stern Show writer Richard Christy got the opportunity of a lifetime when two of the members of his faaaavorite band, Metallica, asked him to perform with them. He got behind the drum kit and wailed away. He then stuck around and talked horror movies with Kirk Hammett until the wee hours of the morning. He was so excited about the whole experience that he hasn’t changed his underwear since (seriously).

JD was feeling sick, so he didn’t do any partying. When he wasn’t interviewing fellow directors (like Guillermo Del Toro) for his Director’s Round Table, he was in his hotel room, chatting on the phone with his new girlfriend.