Richard Christy Almost Gets Fired

In his excitement about Beetlejuice's appearance, Howard wanted to play the Beetlejuice Song Game, which was sitting on a page right in front of him. Luckily, he had some money to give away, so he broke into the game with gusto.

The premise of the game was Richard and Sal would sing part of a line of a popular children's song and the caller would have to guess whether or not Beet could fill in the blank.

The line on deck was 'Puff the Magic ________'. The caller said he was a longtime loyal listener and had heard this question before and knew that Beetlejuice did not correctly fill in the blank.

Howard hit the ceiling. He wanted to know who was responsible for putting up a question that had been played already.

The culprit was Stern Show writer Richard Christy.

'Richard is a f*ckin' moron,' Howard said. 'He's a f*cking hillbilly.' Part of Richard's job is to make sure that things get taken down once Howard plays them, and he apologized for the mistake.

That was not enough for Howard, who suggested Gary fire him, threaten to drown his beloved guinea pig, or make him take a finger in his ass like Benjy did. Hey, or why not all three?

Rest assured, this will never happen again (until it does).