It’s A Boy! Howard Stern Jr.

January 26, 2015

Sal has calmed down but there were many gaffes where he didn’t even know he was being inappropriate.

Regular caller and roving correspondent Wolfie loves to ask Howard which staffer he would ________ ?

The last time it was ‘Which staffer would you let date your daughter?’ and today it was ‘Which staffer would you least want to introduce to people as your son?’

This was an almost impossible question for Howard to answer. He narrowed the contenders down to Benjy Bronk, Sal Governale, JD Harmeyer, or Ronnie Mund.

Howard vacillated – first saying Sal is the most embarrassing, but then deciding that at least he looked normal. But then again, he has a long history of acting like an ass at parties – he once drew semen on a poster at a birthday Party and another time he famously unplugged the TV during the New Years Eve countdown.

Howard moved onto Benjy who is sweaty and has pimples – but then again he’s not all that bad socially; he and Howard have had conversations.

Ronnie is a nut, screaming stuff like ‘let’s f*ck some whores!’ and insisting on taking the microphone at any social gathering.

Then there’s JD Harmeyer, whom Howard has said he actually thinks of as a son. JD is very awkward socially. Gary pointed out that he recently took JD to a big time Hollywood party and he spent the whole time in the corner watching the Cincinnati Reds on his phone.

When the dust settled, it finally became clear to Howard – Sal is the person he’d least like to introduce as his son.