Taylor Chandler: 'As soon as I could walk and talk I said I was a girl'

The woman born with both sexual organs talks to Howard about Michael Phelps, jail time, and more!

Taylor Chandler, who was born 'intersex', which means with some of both genitalia, claims to have had an affair with Michael Phelps (as well as numerous other athletes, actors, and politicians.

She was seen leaving the Olympic icon's apartment in an Uber car one night and someone craty tracked her down.

Now, a single guy hooking up a with a chick is hardly big news, but, as you can imagine, America doesn't look at Taylor as your normal everyday chick.

'Normally no one would care – but you're intersex.'

Here then is a quick rundown on what life in the middle of a scandal is like for a lady like Ms. Chandler.

Taylor was born with 'ambiguous genitalia'. 'They sewed up what would've been my vagina [which was a slit in her actual penis] and made me a boy.'

- The vagina was on the penis.

- There was a uterus but no ovaries.

- She couldn't get pregnant unless she underwent in vitro fertilization.

'As soon as I could walk and talk,' she said, 'I said I was a girl.'

She has five ex-husbands and has had five boob-jobs.

Can you get wet?' Howard asked. 'Yes.'

She went to jail for 33 days for extorting money from a man to pay for her transitional surgery. She was too embarrassed to ask her family for bail money, so she was in a cell with men for thirty-three days. Things didn't go well – she was raped and treated terribly.

Then one fateful day, while tooling around the hook-up app 'Tinder', she noticed that Michael Phelps had liked her photos. She didn't believe it was him, but they soon met up and things got heavy.

They watched a football game and had sex during halftime and at the end of the game. 'He opened me up sexually,' She exclaimed!

'I had never done 69, I'd never had a man on my side, pull my leg up and tell me I had to look at his penis going inside me.'

He even titty-f*cked her.

He seemingly had no idea that she was anything other than a natural woman because he pulled out for fear of pregnancy.

Again, let us break to say that this is all alledged and strictly 'according to Taylor'!

Eventually, Taylor said she found out he cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend and that was the end of that. Of course, until the story broke.

As if that wasn't enough, Taylor revealed that she dated a New York Jet as well as many other athletes (from ten different NFL teams in all) as well as actors and politicians, whom she declined to name.

You have to save something for the book! Thank you for stopping by Taylor.