Tan Mom Is Wackier Than Ever

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Seemingly in direct opposition to fans who have expressed opinions that Tan Mom is not an official Wack Packer (even though Howard decidedly claimed her as one), the wacky mother called in this morning to ask Howard if she should become a Scientologist.

Howard thought that the question really reinforced how perfect she and Sal were for each other, to which she replied: "If he wasn't married, I'd be with him in a minute!"

More important than Scientology though, Howard was concerned about Tan Mom's upcoming boxing match with a transsexual woman. "I don't think you should box; I don't think you're in any condition to box," he told her.

TIme was running out, but Tan Mom pleaded with Howard to ponder her life decisions and get back to her about it tomorrow.

And to settle the Wack Pack dilemma once and for all, Howard played a prank call in which the guys called Tan Mom with drops of her own voice which caused her to argue with herself. Case closed.