Memet Is A Man For The Ladies & Gentlemen

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary brought up the fact that Captain Janks has been emailing him and going all over social media to try to get Stern Show writer Memet Walker to let him blow him.

"It's so creepy! I mean, I'm flattered, but I'm not interested," Memet told Howard. Janks has been leaving messages all over social media and it's gotten a little weird. Howard wondered if Memet would do it for $5,000 and while he answered that he'd consider it, the possibility doesn't seem likely. "You're becoming a gay icon," Howard told the young writer.

Will came into the studio and complained that Memet was being contacted by girls who hear him on the show "and they're tens." He wanted to know where all of these girls were when he was single. With the rise of social media and various dating apps, the scene has really been revolutionized. Will feels like he "out to pasture" as the older guy now after years as the reigning hottest staff member.

One girl from upstate New York that has been sending Memet photos of herself is beyond hot and he considered going up to meet her, but Ronnie said he warned Memet he couldn't go up there – he could be murdered!

Howard told Gary to try and book her to come into the studio for next week to vet her for Memet (who cautiously admitted he sent some photos of his own to her).

Howard was incredulous when Will told him that a new bit will be centered around Memet's experience with a dating app for threesomes. "That's not a bit, it's a dream come true you idiot!" Sal agreed.