Vinnie Favale Clears Up Late Night Facts

Photo: ABC

Vice President of CBS Late Night Programming, East Coast Vinnie Favale called in to tell Howard he was "completely off-base about the Colbert ratings" after he heard him reading from an article the other day.

"We are clearly the number two show in late night – head and shoulders above Jimmy Kimmel," Favale insisted, explaining that the article was just referring to one week where a Colbert replay was up against a new Seth Meyers episode. Vinnie said that Fallon has about 3.9M viewers, Colbert has 3.5M, and Kimmel has 2.6M.

"CBS is the only network whose late night is doing better than it was a year ago … We have the funniest, smartest show on late night," he continued."

Howard was more interested in talking about Vinnie's musical, which is currently running in Argentina, but which he brings back to New York "on even years." Vinnie told Howard that both David Letterman and Les Moonves put in about $5,000 each to his Kickstarter campaign to get it made.

Howard couldn't believe Vinnie took money from his bosses for a personal project, figuring they are thinking about that in the back of their minds whenever they see Vinnie.