Sternac The Improbable Returns

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After a months-long absence from the show, Sternac the Improbable returned to the studio once again with his turban and sealed envelopes – and was particularly hard on JD today. Check out some highlights below …

What is something no one offers when dining out with Howard Stern?

What does Paul McCartney call his cum?

A tampon, a baby, Adam Levine.
Name 3 things you'll never see in Caitlyn Jenner's vagina.

The Voice.
Why Mariann from BK's husband let her go to every one of the AGT tapings.

Name something that will go up Gary's ass if this bit bombs.

Stevie Wonder's telescope, Stephen Hawkings running shoes, Bobo's achievement awards.
Name three totally useless things.

Blood, sweat and tears.
Name three of the least disgusting things in JD's bed.

How does Wendy the Slow Adult spell cat?

Diet book, treadmill, and Christie Brinkley.
Name 3 things you'll never see in HPE's apartment.

Ant Man.
What Caitlyn Jenner's nephew calls her.

Miss America & JD's Bed Sheets.
Name 2 things that change once a year.

New Kids On The Block.
Why did Jared Fogle call in sick from Subway?

George W. Bush.
Who was in office the last time JD washed his sheets.

Describe a perfect day on the Howard Stern Show.