Ike Barinholtz Shows How It's Done

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Celebrity superfan and hot Hollywood actor/writer/producer Ike Barinholtz dropped by ahead of the release of his latest project, "Sisters," which features Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at the helm.

Though it's opening the same weekend as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Barinholtz called it "classic counter-programming." Even though he is a total "Star Wars" fan, Ike said there's a bunch of people like him who don't really want to sit next to someone dressed up as Darth Nihilus and would rather wait a week to check it out.

Howard said he was excited to see it and Ike told him that Jason Moore, the same director that did "Pitch Perfect," which Howard loves, did "Sisters." Howard wondered if Tina and Amy are coming dangerously close to being too hot to be funny, but Ike disagreed. "You can laugh and be turned on at the same time," he assured Howard.

Ike is also working on "Neighbors 2" with Seth Rogen and talked about how the two bonded over being 30-something Jews who smoke strong pot.

Aside from those two movies, Ike has an impressive lineup of his own projects that he's working on including co-writing "Central Intelligence" (featuring Kevin Hart and The Rock), an unnamed basketball comedy starring Amy Poehler (which originated on the set of "Sisters"), and a new "Police Academy" movie that he wrote for Key and Peele (though recent events involving police officers may set this one back a bit). All of that is on top of his role with "The Mindy Project" and an upcoming part in "Suicide Squad."

Lest anyone forget, Ike is also one of the Stern Show's biggest celebrity superfans, so early in the interview he confronted his conflicted feelings about Bobo. First he slammed Bobo as "the worst phone caller to this show, to any show." But Ike also confessed to Bobo, who was on the phone: "I found myself missing you while you were gone."

Bobo had a terrible question today (about wanted to rename the King of All Media "Howard Smooth") and Ike vowed to show him how it was done. Pushing Bobo's nonsense aside, he asked Howard which Wack Packer, past or present, he would agree to go out to dinner with alone.

"I think it might be Eric the Actor because he was interesting on some level," Howard answered after some consideration.

Speaking of the Wack Pack, Ike also revealed that fellow celebrity superfan Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks) has been reaching out to him personally to press her opinion that Tan Mom is not a real Wack Packer. "I'm scared of Natalie … she went up against the president," he admitted.

Photo: Facebook

Howard said Ike was really showing guests how it should be done on the Stern Show – he had stories, impressions, revelations, and more. You can check out Ike with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in "Sisters," opening Dec. 18, and elsewhere across the big screen in 2016.