Sal Is Not A Racist

Howard and Robin (and America) could not get enough of the clip of Cleveland anchor calling Lady Gaga's music 'Jiggaboo music'. The clip is incredible.

Her apology – the inevitable apology – is also amazing and sounded a lot like our own Sal Governale's legendary apology when he claimed that Miss Howard Stern has a half black child because she likes to get drunk.

Naturally, Sal's interest was piqued by the woman's slip-up, as it often is by racial slurs. He had a few questions to pose – just to get you thinking about what is really 'racist'.

Questions such as: 'What if someone found a bunny in the jungle?' It would be a jungle bunny – it wouldn't be a racist term at that point.

Sal also had a revelation yesterday – at every low point in his life, he's been helped by a wonderful African American person. Who knows what that even means.

Leave it to Sal to really go deep.