His Name Is Kid Rock!

Kid Rock is the ultimate rock star – it's right in his name, after all – and he's always a great guest on the Stern Show.

Today was no exception – the Kid sat down and talked to Howard about making music, trailer-and-private-jet lifestyle, and Pamela Anderson.


'I'm f*cking so irrelevant at this point', Kid joked – but he stills sells records and concert tickets, so he doesn't care much. He's recently taken to touring (right now with the band Foreigner) and charging fans just $20 for tickets. The planb is working. Kid still makes money even though his fans don't have to spend much.


Kid has double wide trailers all over this great country of ours and he lives a sort of humble existence except for his Toto toilets and his private jet. He's got guns galore and even a few canons, which he's actually fired.

Contrary to what you might assume, Kid does not smoke weed, but he does looove drinking.


Kid claimed he was married to Pamela Anderson for just 'the right amount of time.' 'Who doesn't want to ride the ferris wheel?' Kid said. Getting married was a lot of fun – they did it several times – but 'being married sucks.'

At the end, Howard asked Kid the question we were all wondering: If Kid Rock was in a room with Pamela Anderson and his other famous ex, Sheryl Crow, and needed to have sex with one, he would choose Sheryl Crow.