Steve Carell: The Actor

World-renown thespian Steven Carell called in this morning just to reassure Howard that he would – as promised – thank 'Howard Stern' if and when he wins the Academy Award for Best Actor for his stunning performance in Foxcatcher.

By the way, we're calling him Steven now so the Academy will take him seriously

The betting odds on Steve were 125:1, so it seemed like a little bit of a long shot. But the Stern Show wrote a moving 'For Your Consideration' letter to the Acemdy on behalf of Steven, so we're pretty sure we got this.

Dear Esteemed Member of the Academy, (and if you're not an Academy voter, you can just stop reading)

We at the Howard Stern Show would like to remind, no, IMPLORE you – when you're casting your Oscar ballots – think about national treasure Steve Carell and his stunning, stirring, breath-taking performance as John Du Pont in one of the year's best films: 'Foxcatcher'.

Mr. Carell heretofore has been known primarily as a comedy actor, but a surprise win can excite the ceremony, like when the now-classic 'Annie Hall' won best picture in 1978.

We would never (directly) tell you how to vote, but we will, once again, remind you to think of Mr. Steve Carell, who has made a trillion dollars for the movie business.


The Howard Stern Show

That was our statement, which Steven was blown away by. Howard asked Steven to address the Academy directly (since everyone in Hollywood listens to this show) and he obliged.

'Hello, this is Steve, and I'm 125 to 1.'

Thankfully, by the time is interview ended, Steven was 100:1