Rude Jude: His Life and His Sex Life

You may remember Howard playing clips of 'Rude' Jude Angelini interviewing Tom Hanks' rapper son 'Chet Haze' from a few months back. It was pretty awesome.

Good enough that Howard invited Jude to stop by and tell his story this morning and Jude did not disappoint.

Like Chet Haze, Rude Jude is also a white guy who sounds black. But Jude is also smart, funny, and actually grew up in a tough neighborhood. Jude's lived something of a wild life.

Jude grew up in Pontiac, Michigan and let's just say his childhood wasn't a dream. Both his parents were cheating on each other and the relationship got so dark that Jude's dad actually raped his mother at knifepoint.

He didn't lose his virginity until he was seventeen, which was old in Jude's neighborhood. He banged his first chick while actually on the clock at his job at McDonald's. 'We used to bang at McDonald's in the closet'. At least they had towels to wipe up with.

And this McUnion actually sired a child – glory be!

He lied his way onto the Jenny Jones Show and his personality was such a hit with audiences that he was asked back – making over 80 appearances.

The Jenny Jones gig led to Jude meeting a pre-superstardom Eminem, which eventually led to Jude getting his own radio show – the popular All Out Show on Eminem's Shade 45.

While he's still wild, he surprisingly isn't into hardcore drugs or weed or alcohol. He's not a total teetotaler, though – he had GHB in his pocket. He takes it recreationally.

And, sexually, Jude is still adventurous. 'I f*ck in the studio', he revealed. Jude's studio is tiny, not unlike the McDonald's closet in which he became a man. Jude is also into three-ways but prefers two guys on one girl – it's less complicated that way.

For all this and much, much, much more – listen to Rude Jude's All Out Show and check out his book 'Hyena'.