Celebrating Ralph Cirella's 50th Birthday

Today was Howard's longtime stylist Ralph Cirella's 50th birthday

Today was Howard's longtime stylist Ralph Cirella's 50th birthday (along with our wonderful announcer George Takei and Adolph Hitler)!

Ralph called up and tried to convince everyone that it's his 49th birthday, but our resident journalistic bulldog Jon Leiberman dug up the truth. He's 50 years young! Ralph was born shortly after My Fair Lady won the Best Picture Oscar.

In lieu of celebrating Ralph's birthday, Ronnie the Limo Driver decided to shit on him for his bad, selfish behavior.

Howard, Ronnie , and Ralph were out in LA a few weeks ago to tape America's Got Talent and something really soured in the Ronnie/Ralph relationship.

The fight is a little vague and heard to make out above all the screaming (especially on Ronnie's end). Ralph is an ASSHOLE among other name-calling.

From what we could make out of the scenario, Ralph asked Ronnie to carry Howard's clothing even though that Ralph's (only) job.

Ralph bit back by accusing Ronnie of sleeping by the pool instead of protecting Howard. Ronnie countered that Howard was safe in his hotel room at the time.

Who knows if this will ever be resolved – but the layers of the Ronnie Ralph Feud: Los Angeles seems to keep unfolding everyday.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Ralph!