The Rumors Are False: Willis Shuts Down 'Dancing With The Stars' Report

The 'DWTS' contestant shuts down any false dating accusations

Rumer Wiilis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Rumer Willis stopped by the Stern Show Wednesday where Howard was primed with questions about her reported relationship with Dancing With The Stars partner Val Chmerkovskiy – which she assured him wasn't true.

"I see, like a lot of people on Dancing With The Stars, you've fallen in love with your dance instructor," Howard probed before warning that it might only be a summer fling. "I don't want to see you get hurt if he goes to camp next year and starts messing around with his new dance partner."

Rumer maintained that she went into the season with love as the last thing on her mind. She even took a break from her relationship shortly before the show so that she could focus on herself.

"Every magazine says you're doing this guy. Does he know you're not dating him?" Howard questioned before Rumer invited Val into the studio to answer for himself.

The dance instructor deflected by bringing Robin into the fold, offering: "Listen, I think the reason you have such great chemistry is that you didn't take Robin to the back room."

"If you hook up, it's done. I'd be shit," Rumer agreed.

Listen to Rumer and Val on air with Howard!

Howard then said that his wife, Beth, was invited to be on the show a couple of years ago. "I would fucking hate it because you would bone her," he told Val. "I know your type. I don't believe a word you said here today."

Gary chimed in to ask if they would immediately start dating if they got voted off the show next week, though neither would give a straight answer – only offering that they would need a least a few days apart after the experience.

"You probably get laid like crazy Val," Howard pushed. "You know what, yeah, I do. It's how I stay soft … I try to get it all out of my system before rehearsals," he joked.

Rumer laughing it up with Howard Stern

As for Willis, she conceded to be a little bit intimidating when it comes to men. "If I like you it's very apparent."

While Howard wasn't so sure about their relationship, he was sure about one thing: "You know you're going to win, right? I care about you. You're the reason I watch. I fast-forward through the rest."

You can vote for Rumer and Val on Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars, which airs Mondays on ABC.