JD Harmeyer at Finishing School

We let our brilliant media producer JD Harmeyer, who is more than slightly awkward when talking to (or in any way deal with) humans, pre-interview today's guest Ryan Phillippe.

JD was not the best pre-interviewer, which, as it often does, led to Howard asking him about how he conducts himself in social situations.

JD has recently taken a girlfriend (if you're just reading that for the first time, we'll give you a second to catch your breath) and he's actually headed to meet her parents soon.

Howard was amazed and asked JD to show him the simplest dinner etiquette imaginable – how to hold a knife and fork. While most children have mastered this, our JD evidently has trouble.

Just take a look.

After the show, Howard caught JD eating in his glass cage – also known as his office – and observed his technique.