Show Rundown: Wednesday June 10, 2015

Colin Quinn and Sour Shoes Equal Wild Times


Comedy great Colin Quinn has long long history with the Howard Stern Show and show business in general – he hosted Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live for three seasons in the late 1990s, after all.

He hasn't been on the show in a couple years, but it's always great when he stops by.

One of Colin's friend's dad's let him feel up his young hot girlfriend. It's was during the time of 'free love' and Colin and his buddies all felt her up in Prospect Park while she was topless. The 'cool dad' eventually started dating another woman and he let the boys feel her up again.

Colin was nine or ten at the time, and Howard pointed out that this would be considered molestation today. Colin called it the happiest time of his life.

Other wild times include:

NOT doing cocaine with Sam Kinison and twelve strippers (he had already quit coke by that time, so he got off the elevator before it hit Sam's floor).

Getting beat up by two people for trying to impress as girl at a party. He tried to act like a big shot by sticking up for a cute girl when he thought her weed dealer had shafted her.

His stint on Saturday Night Live where he was, admittedly, Lorne Michaels' 'favorite. He did say that that wasn't probably wasn't the best thing for him at the time.

Photo: NBC

At the end of Colin's interview, he mentioned that he ran into the legendary Sour Shoes out in the hallway. Howard asked him which of Sour's many personalities Colin would like to talk to and Colin picked Artie Lange.

Sour ShoesPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

'Artie' (Sour) came in and shot the shit with Colin about how they met and what it's like playing comedy clubs, before announcing that he wanted to go back to sleep.

It's always a great time with Colin – but don't stop at just Howard's interview. Check out Colin's new book 'T he Coloring Book: A Comedian Solves Race Relations in America ' to learn all about the different races of people in our country and how they interact!