Ronnie's Pace Car Catches Robin's Eye

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Way back in the year 2012, roving Stern Show reporter (and resident pitbull) Jon Leiberman discovered that Howard's limo driver Ronnie 'the Limo Driver' Mund had purchased a ridiculous pace car. For whatever reason, Ronald was not too happy that Jon had discovered his purchase and a (mostly) good-natured feud was born.

In order to give Jon to full story, Ronnie took him out to the track and zipped him around in the controversial car. Jon was terrified. He tried his hardest to put on a brave face, but Jon Leiberman wears his heart on his sleeve – and his heart was screaming 'Dude!' and 'Slow down!' and 'Aaaaaaahhhhhh!'

Anyway, the pace car reared it's head again this morning because, just this past weekend, Robin was driving around the city (likely picking up vegetables or on her way to get frozen at her new Cryotherapy center) and she saw the ridiculous pace car parked on the street. Since it's basically a billboard for Ronnie, she stopped in the restaurant it was parked in front of and joined Ronnie's party.

On this day in 2007 we learned of Robin racing cars at the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race with celebrities such as George Lucas.  Robin admitted she drove slow and held everyone up but vowed to one day take on Bubba the Love Sponge in a race (she never did).Let's not forget that Robin has had a weird car or two of her ownPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Anyway, considering what we know about Ronnie's other hobbies (which all involve p*ssy), this one is actually kind of sweet.