Which Wack Packer Is Next To Go?

Howard contemplates which Wack Packer will kick the bucket next.

There are 3 things we know for sure about Jeff the Drunk - he likes to drink, he has a bum arm, and he lives in a trailer. In 2005, Jeff opened trailer for us to look around. Here he is, the man in his castlePhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Howard warned that both High Pitch Erik and Jeff the Drunk were in danger of becoming the next to perish from the Wack Pack.

"Thanks a lot Howard," Jeff groaned as he got on the line. Still he conceded that he would probably never stop smoking cigarettes despite the implications on his health … namely that disgusting cough.

Howard said he was surprised by how small Jeff's cock was after seeing it on Periscope. "I think there's at least five to six [inches]," Jeff countered, a bit dismayed.

Robin wondered if there was any fallout from Jeff revealing himself online, but Jeff's "Lump" jumped in and explained: "He doesn't have a job to lose Robin."

Shuli revealed that on Jeff's private Periscopes, he's also been asking for people to send him things like a washing machine and four dining room chairs. The requests baffled the staff as no one was sure Jeff even had room for these things in his trailer.

"In the last year-and-a-half, the only guests in his house have been cops and paramedics," Shuli joked.

Jeff also has little in the way of an explanation for why his trailer has upwards of four satellites on top of it. He is "accepting donations" for some planned renovations though.

You can see photos from inside Jeff the Drunk's trailer here.