Did Beetlejuice Just Sh-t on the Floor?

During his visit Tuesday, the Wack Packer left a little surprise

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Famed Wack Packer Beetlejuice was on fire during his appearance on Tuesday's show, but it seems he had an accident while hanging around the studio afterwards.

Apparently during one of the breaks, Robin came out of the bathroom and asked if she could have a word with Gary in private. She said, "Do you have rubber gloves? There's the piece of shit on the floor in the bathroom," Gary recounted.

Then, one of the guy's in Beet's crew walked out of the bathroom and said that "Uncle Beet" had shit on the floor near the toilet and he stepped in it.

"Poor Beet. He doesn't like to hear it, but he's supposed to wear a diaper," Howard told listeners.

Sal came in to the studio and explained that he was recording with Beetlejuice and at one point he had to go to the bathroom. Sal asked Ronnie if he should bring Beet to the Stern Show guest bathroom or the lobby bathroom and Ronnie told him to just let him use the guest toilet.

"What's wrong with you?" Howard shot at Ronnie who tried to explain that Beet was "in the middle of taping stuff." He tried to turn the blame on Sal who would have none of it.

"I know that I'm stupid – I don't trust myself!" Sal fired back.

Howard joked that they should have rubbed Ronnie's nose in the shit to teach him a lesson.

In the end, Gary called the facilities staff and made them deal with the shit. The cleaning woman came over and Ronnie simply told her "there was a little accident in the bathroom."

To her credit, the woman took it in stride and told Ronnie she'd handle it.

Sal said that Beetle was in rare form and sang up a storm with them for a couple of hours. Memet, another Stern Show staffer, was sitting next to Beet during the recording process and whispered to Richard that he thought Beet had shit his pants, but it turned out that was just his breath. "I'm still shaken," Memet said this morning.

"Welcome to show business!" Howard exclaimed as he burst into a fit of laughter.

Richard brought in the windscreen that went over Beet's microphone and it still smelled absolutely awful. Howard, Robin, and Sal passed it around taking whiffs.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

"Do you dare me to lick it?" an intrigued Richard asked the staff. No one was interested in seeing that, but Howard did goad him into taking humongous "hits" of the smell until he nearly puked.

Beet "drank a bunch of orange juice but I think that made it worse," Richard explained.

Howard wondered who out of the Wack Pack had the most disgusting handshake. Sal and Richard both agreed that, while not a handshake, they hugged Nicole Bass who was incredibly sweaty one day and it was horrible. Sal ran down to a store that day to buy a new shirt.