Underdog Lady Does It All for the Trophies

Shuli Egar reports on the Wack Packer's latest competition win

Underdog Lady at the 2013 "Doo Dah" Parade in Ocean City, NJPhoto: Getty Images

The Stern Show's resident Wack Pack expert, Shuli Egar, was talking to Suzanne "Underdog Lady" Muldowney recently and learned that she had yet again gone toe-to-toe with a variety of young children in a costume contest and came out on top.

"I won first place," she declared matter-of-factly before conceding that "all the other contestants were little kids."

Shuli explained that while all of the children get ribbons, Underdog Lady demands there be a winner of every contest she enters. "I've seen her lecture judges after parades," he continued. Some of the contests and parades she has entered for the past 20 years have begun making her personalized trophies as a result.

In a recording, Shuli asked Suzanne which she valued more: the praise from fans at the parades or the trophies her costumes earn her. Without any hesitation, Underdog said she preferred the latter.

Howard joked that maybe he would sponsor a ringer and "put some real money" into a kid to go up against her in a future contest and see how she treats real competition.