Beetlejuice on Who Won the Debate, His Emoji Pack, and Who Sh-t on the Stern Show Floor

“It wasn’t me,” the Wack Packer insisted before accusing both Robin and Fred

Photo: Flight Systems

Howard had a surprise guest stop by on Tuesday morning's Stern Show. While he and Robin were discussing the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Beetlejuice came in and shared who he considered to be the winner between the two presidential candidates.

"I think it was Donald," Beet told Howard. He also revealed that he was actually at the debate. "I was behind Donald Trump … I was voting right behind him."

Pretty soon Beetlejuice will also be voting on whether or not Marfan Mike should become an official member of the Wack Pack. High Pitch Erik, who is trying to block Mike's induction, said earlier this month that he's already locked up support from several fellow Wack Packers and, on Tuesday, Beetle suggested he might be one of them.

"I don't think that's going to happen for him. I don't think so," Beetlejuice told Howard about Marfan Mike's chances at becoming a Wack Packer. Marfan Mike was on the phone to try and win over Beetlejuice, but his persuasion seemed to fall short.

"I like you, man," Mike told Beetle. "You should vote for me and we can hang out."

"I like to hang out with you, but I got other things I gotta take care of," Beetlejuice responded.

"Marfan, I want to see you in the Wack Pack but you're going to have a tough time, man. You gotta get Beetlejuice on your team," Howard told Mike. "He's the key to you getting in. As Beet goes, so goes the rest of the Wack Pack"

There was someone else who wanted to talk to Beetlejuice: the SiriusXM cleaning lady, who recorded a special message for him before his appearance this morning.

"Hi Beetle, this is the cleaning lady at Sirius. Welcome back to the Howard Stern Show. Please, whatever you do, don't shit on the floor," she pleaded.

The last time Beet visited the Stern Show, a small amount of fecal matter was discovered on the floor. But where did the shit come from? Beetlejuice assured everyone it wasn't him.

"It wasn't me. Probably a different guy," he said. Beet asked if could have been Fred or Robin who accidentally shit on the floor. They both denied it.

"Well Robin who did it!? The shit fairy?" Howard joked. "I knew it wasn't you. Thank you for clearing that up, Beet."

Beetlejuice's Wack Pack fame continues to grow and he announced on Tuesday that he's getting into the emoji game! Check out his brand new Beetmojis, available now on Android and Apple.