AUDIO: Howard Announces Special ‘Cleanup’ Stern Show and Mariann From Brooklyn Goes Nuts

Not only will Howard be live on Thursday, Nov. 16, he’ll debut cohost Robin Quivers’ latest singing performances

Robin Quivers singing on the Stern Show in 2006Howard will debut the latest musical renditions from Robin Quivers during a special Thursday showPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

For the first time in many, many years the Stern Show will be live on a Thursday. Howard made the announcement on Wednesday morning, calling the upcoming broadcast a special “Cleanup” show.

“We don’t normally do a show on Thursday,” Howard explained. “My gift to America is to come in next Thursday and do the Cleanup Show, I’m calling it officially.”

Howard promised his fans he’ll be playing all of the prank calls, recorded bits, and parody songs he hasn’t had time to get to yet in 2017. He’ll also be debuting the brand new singing performances his cohost Robin Quivers recorded recently and will conduct a special sit-down interview with her in order to ask about her musical process.

“You’re going to interview me as an artist?” Robin asked excitedly.

“It’s going to be a big show,” Howard told her.

News of the Thursday Stern Show sent superfans into a frenzy but none more so than the one and only Mariann from Brooklyn who immediately phoned in to scream her excitement at Howard. Check it out in the audio (below).

Tune in to Howard 100 Thursday, Nov. 16 to hear an all new live Stern Show!